Your business is only as effective as your employees make it, so it’s essential to recruit and retain competent and talented employees. It’s not only up to you but your company and team as whole to do everything they can to make everyone feel welcomed and valued.

Once you’ve attracted and hired stellar team members, the work doesn’t stop there. Keeping talented professionals is harder than it looks and takes work, but it always pays off in the end. Use the tips below for simple ways to retain great employees.

Offer Competitive Benefits

When it comes to employee satisfaction a competitive benefits package…

Tons of people say you have to give up traveling once you have kids, but that’s just not true. While traveling with your children will add more time to your preparation and, maybe, some stress, it’s 100% possible to have an unforgettably amazing trip with your kids.

The tips below will help you plan your dream trip with the entire family in tow. Not only will it make the trip run more smoothly, but it will be a vacation everyone will enjoy.

Avoid Postponing Travel

There is no single reason you should have to postpone traveling while your kids are young. Travel as…

Employees tend to enjoy creative work environments where they feel they have the freedom to be imaginative. These are some suggestions for how to foster creativity in the workplace.

Give employees the chance to brainstorm.

Some employees have great ideas that could potentially change a company for the better. However, many employees may be too shy to speak up and share their ideas with their coworkers and superiors. Creating specific times for employees to brainstorm in a comfortable environment with pens and paper for those employees who may not want to vocalize their thoughts can evoke excellent ideas.

Get to know each employee.

Employees who feel that their bosses understand their…

We are living in a vastly new social landscape, and as the world slowly enters a state of spring many of us look to travel in order to escape the vistas that have become almost painfully monotonous to us after a tumultuous year. Travel has also received its fair share of changes as we march towards a post-covid world.

You definitely want to be safe and do all the research you can to see how the pandemic affected your desired destination. Economies that host a strong tourism industry have no doubt had their own share of troubles during the pandemic…

Retirement has a way of sneaking up on people. Many Americans fall well short of the recommended retirement savings. One reason for this shortfall is the propensity of Americans to think they can wait to start saving. However, that view couldn’t be further from the truth.

Understand Time Horizons

Future retirees need to think about their age now and the age they hope to retire. Those who have a long time between these two dates will likely have to take less dramatic steps to achieve a financially successful retirement. Those who have a couple of decades until retirement might expect to see a…

At a certain point in any leader’s career, delegation will be inevitable. Moving up in position, experiences, and skills means many tasks will become so easy that you are wasting your time and expertise. If you want to tap into better productivity and save energy for higher-level responsibilities, it’s time to delegate.

How to Successfully Delegate

Delegation is not just a way to free yourself from tasks you are well-versed in. It is also an opportunity for another person to build their own skills.

What Tasks Should You Delegate?

Choosing what tasks you are better off clearing from your agenda requires several considerations. First, how high is a task…

Not everyone can leave their jobs and other responsibilities to jet around the world whenever they would like. The COVID-19 pandemic grounded many hopeful tourists, however, the cost of airfare, hotels, and other travel-related costs also kept many people at home. The Internet offers an alternative that enables anyone to see the world. Here are a few great sights that the curious can find while traveling virtually.

See Various City Scenes

Cameras capture lighted cityscapes, the rush of commuters, and stunning architecture. See the largest cities in the world without traffic noise and crowded sidewalks. Sites like Window Swap allow…

While this year may not have been what anyone had in mind, the summer months are winding down and we’re entering into the fall season. That doesn’t mean that there isn’t time for another family trip or fun weekend getaway. Here are a few great ideas for weekend trips in Kansas.

Overland Park

This may be a perfect trip to take with your husband or wife for a romantic getaway. Overland Park is only a twenty-minute trip from Kansas City and offers something for every visitor. …

The digital era has helped to usher in the popularity of freelance and remote work. This year the pandemic has created the need for even more people to work from home. Alongside remote work comes a number of challenges. For people who are not used to working from home, it can be very difficult. Navigating work outside of an office setting can often make people feel a lack of connection and collaboration, which doesn’t help productivity levels.

Here are a few tips for staying focused while working remotely.

Creating a workspace

It is imperative to create a workspace where you…

It is difficult to find a single area of life that hasn’t been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. As everyone continues to navigate the “new normal” it is important to understand the importance of long-term financial goals and how the virus may impact retirement plans.

First, it is imperative to have a solid understanding of sequence-of-returns risk. This risk is in regard to the chance that you may withdraw funds as your portfolio loses value simultaneously. Try and reduce your withdrawal rate as much as possible during uncertainty. …

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